What Services Can A Private Detective Provide?

Due to the fact that every case is unique and necessitates a different strategy, it is challenging to sum up what a private investigator can achieve in a brief statement. But, when we talked about hiring a private investigator, the first thing that comes to mind when asked about their work is background checking.

Background Checking someone can come in many shapes and forms. This means many possible reasons why people employ a private investigator to conduct background checks. The most common reasons are to check on an individual’s trustworthiness or to dig up more information about a person’s past. Sometimes, people also use this service to find out if their partner is cheating.

In any case, private investigators have the skills and resources to conduct an in-depth background check. They will be able to access public records and conduct interviews with the people who know the person in question. This will give you a better idea of what the person is like and whether or not they can be trusted.

Another typical service that private investigators provide is surveillance. This is often used in cases where there is a need to gather evidence or to follow someone’s movements. For example, if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, you may hire a private investigator to monitor them. This will help you gather evidence that can be used in court to prove your case.

Now let’s take a step back and talk about background checking services from private investigators. Background checking services can be broadly divided into open-source and closed-source. Closed-source services are those that require the private investigator to have access to specific databases that are not available to the public. On the other hand, open-source services can be used by anyone with internet access.

The main advantage of using open-source services is that they are cheaper. Since anyone can use them, there is no need to pay for access to specific databases. The downside of using open-source services is that the quality of the information you will get will not be as good as what you would get from a closed-source service.

Private investigators who offer both open-source and closed-source services are called hybrid detectives. These detectives offer the best of both worlds: they are cheaper and can provide you with better information. Typically, background checking happens in companies and how they hire their employees.

The goal of employment background checks

Employers must confirm the legitimacy of applicants, particularly for positions requiring a high level of security, such as those at financial institutions, software firms, government agencies, etc.

Employers frequently utilize these search results to learn more about a job applicant’s character, suitability for the position, and other factors. Additionally, for security and safety concerns, this aids in identifying potential employment risks. Before granting a security clearance, background checks on potential government employees are also required.

In addition to this, the information provided in the curriculum vitae for job application is also verified. A recent study revealed that the information an applicant provided and the references’ reports varied in half of all reference checks conducted on potential workers.

Additionally, background checks are performed to find and choose the best employee from the pool of potential hires.

Background checks are necessary because companies must ensure that the workplace is secure for all employees and that there are no issues with employee security within the company.

Background Investigations: Types

The sort of employment, the kind of duties and responsibilities handled, the position held, etc., determine the information required. So, for instance, someone applying for a lower salary job would undergo much less screening than someone for an executive post with duties requiring information security, etc.

Employers choose the kind of searches to include in background checks based on the open position’s requirements.

  • Academic attestation
  • Checking character references
  • A history of employment gaps
  • Gaps in historical education
  • Address and identity confirmation

Pre-Employment Screening

Employers may look into former employment to confirm a prospective employee’s prior work experience, capabilities, positions occupied, and even wage information. Usually, this procedure is carried out internally.

A more thorough investigation can involve speaking with the candidate’s acquaintances, former coworkers, neighbours, and family members. In addition, prior employment and personal reference checks are now becoming standard to prevent needless and expensive lawsuits.

Credit Check

A credit check is a type of background check that gives employers an idea of how responsible employees are with their finances. This check is customarily conducted on candidates applying for positions that require handling money, such as in the finance and accounting departments.

A bad credit score may not necessarily disqualify a candidate but may give the employer pause.

Criminal Record Check

A criminal record check is a background check that examines an applicant’s criminal history. This check is usually conducted on candidates applying for positions that require handling sensitive information or working with children.

A criminal record may not necessarily disqualify a candidate, but it will give the employer pause.

Security Clearance Check

A security clearance check is a type of background check conducted on candidates applying for positions requiring handling sensitive information. The government usually performs this type of check.

A security clearance may not necessarily disqualify a candidate, but it will give the employer pause.

Background Check Services

Several different background check services are available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Employers should choose the service that best meets their needs.

You have the chance to confirm the information provided by your job candidate by doing a background check. Additionally, it can shed light on information that was either unintentionally or erroneously left out, such as residency in other areas where a criminal record might be found. These studies support a safe and prosperous workplace and serve as a valuable risk management tool that has been shown to lower the likelihood of a poor hire.

Background checks can reveal precise information about former employees and help corroborate attendance dates, degrees, or certificates received.

At Whitesell Investigative Services, we provide customized background check services for various clients in the public and private sectors. We understand that not every organization has the exact requirements, and we work with you to ensure you get the information you need.