The Legal Side of Private Investigations in South Carolina: What You Need to Know


Private investigations are often portrayed in movies and TV shows as exciting, thrilling and even dangerous. However, in reality, private investigations are a serious business that requires proper training, knowledge and adherence to the law. This is especially true when it comes to conducting private investigations in South Carolina. South Carolina has specific laws and…

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Is It Worth It To Hire A Private Investigator?

If you’re wondering about how to hire a private investigator to help with your case, there’s definitely a few things to consider first. Take into account the cost, expertise needed and all other factors involved before taking the plunge. It really depends on what you need and the situation you’re in; hiring a private investigator…

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Why and When Should We Hire a Private Detective?

background check

A private investigator is frequently helpful for various purposes. Still, when a case or claim is required in a court of law, these experts are crucial in gathering data and disclosing the whereabouts of necessary witnesses. A private investigator should be contacted if there is a need for in-depth investigation or surveillance. There are many…

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What Services Can A Private Detective Provide?

Background Check

Due to the fact that every case is unique and necessitates a different strategy, it is challenging to sum up what a private investigator can achieve in a brief statement. But, when we talked about hiring a private investigator, the first thing that comes to mind when asked about their work is background checking. Background…

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When Should I Fire A Private Investigator?  

private detective Charlotte NC

A private investigator (sometimes called a PI or private detective) is someone who is hired to gather information or conduct an investigation. Private investigators usually work for attorneys, insurance companies, or private individuals. Their job is to find out information that is not readily available to the public. Private investigators often carry out surveillance (watching…

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What Type Of Task Do Private Detectives Have?


Are you looking for a trustworthy person to dig up some facts about your financial and legal matters? Do you need immediate assistance in finding out about your husband’s affair? If you are on the same page as this claim, then getting a private detective is the best option. Luckily, Whitesell Investigative Services is here…

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