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Everything You Need to Know About Intellectual Property Theft

With the advent in the last ten years of globalization and wider market penetration, instances of intellectual property theft are on the rise, and it is becoming more and more difficult for companies to prove the act has been perpetrated.

Intellectual property Theft Investigations

What Is Intellectual Property Theft?

Intellectual property (IP) theft is when a commercial or creative innovation is replicated or copied without reimbursement or acknowledgment to the innovator. Any invention or idea that has economic value is included in this description. Copyright and patent laws protect symbols and logos, such as names or any distinctive mark or icon. If you believe you or your company has been a victim of intellectual property theft, an investigator or detective at Whitesell Investigative Services can help you with the necessary forensics analysis to make a case for prosecution.

We will help prove any intellectual property theft security breaches and usage if you suspect your innovation, invention, brand, trademark, or copyrighted creative portfolio of work has been infringed in any way.

Do I need an Intellectual Property Theft Investigator?

IP theft happens when a company or person knowingly takes, uses, steals, or misappropriates creative or innovative intellectual property. The property must be recognized as such and be under the protection of the laws pertaining to its display or use. The main criteria of intellectual property theft are for the item or idea to be used without the owner’s consent. For example, if a cosmetic company has a lip balm formula and packaging that is exclusively recognized with their brand, and another company steals the formula to replicate it, or copies the packaging, that can be called IP theft.

The problem arises when your IP is used without your permission, and you are not even aware of it. It is for this reason why security checks and intellectual property theft inquiries should be performed on a regular basis to ensure that no IP theft has occurred.

Our Intellectual Property Theft Investigator Techniques Can Help

Whitesell detectives are experts at searching internationally and nationally for any breaches and misuse of your IP. When we locate the source, we can enter into negotiations on your behalf for them to stop, or to pay you royalties. If this is not effective, our corporate investigators are qualified to stand as witness to the IP in court.