Co-Parenting Investigations: Promoting Healthy Child Custody Arrangements

Co-Parenting Investigations Promoting Healthy Child Custody Arrangements

Co-parenting investigations play a critical role in promoting healthy child custody arrangements. These inquiries help to ensure that the child’s best interests are at the forefront of any custody decision.  By examining the living conditions, lifestyle, and stability offered by each parent, investigators can provide valuable insights to the courts. They also assess the dynamic…

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Child costudy Disputes: How an Investigator Can Help

Child costudy Disputes How an Investigator Can Help

In child custody disputes, hiring a private investigator can be crucial for gathering relevant evidence to support a parent’s claim for custody. Investigators possess the expertise to uncover and document patterns of neglect, abuse, or behavior that might compromise the well-being of a child.  By conducting surveillance, interviewing witnesses, and sifting through public records, they…

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The Legal Side of Private Investigations in South Carolina: What You Need to Know


Private investigations are often portrayed in movies and TV shows as exciting, thrilling and even dangerous. However, in reality, private investigations are a serious business that requires proper training, knowledge and adherence to the law. This is especially true when it comes to conducting private investigations in South Carolina. South Carolina has specific laws and…

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Is It Worth It To Hire A Private Investigator?

If you’re wondering about how to hire a private investigator to help with your case, there’s definitely a few things to consider first. Take into account the cost, expertise needed and all other factors involved before taking the plunge. It really depends on what you need and the situation you’re in; hiring a private investigator…

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