The Instances Where Private Investigators Are Needed

Professional Private Investigators For You

PI’s are trained to find people and information. While it’s true that private investigators have been in society for a long time, not everyone can do the job. There are many different private investigators, each with their skills and abilities. At Whitesell Investigative Services, we are a team of professional private investigators to help you with your case.

When Should a Company Hire a Private Investigator?

Many companies find themselves in a difficult situation. They discover that valuable property has gone missing, that the books have been kept incorrectly, and that money has been taken. Other businesses learn from their errors and opt to conduct their fraud investigations. An inquiry into fraud may be performed to determine:

  • whether improper payments, such as kickbacks, banned political donations, or payoffs, were made from within the corporation;
  • whether there has been any intentional misrepresentation of assets, liabilities, transactions, or income;
  • whether there have been any deliberate price changes made to help the company financially;
  • whether items were left out of the books on purpose; or
  • whether there has been any tax fraud

In many circumstances, an internal auditor who controls the company’s financial divisions conducts a fraud investigation. An external analyst may also perform a fraud investigation, such as a forensic auditor, who is brought in to check the records.

A private investigator may be hired in some situations to conduct a fraud investigation. For example, a private investigator may be recruited into the business to conduct a fraud investigation to determine if assets were wrongfully transferred or which employee may have scammed the company.

This can be accomplished by conducting additional background checks to see if any person with access to the missing assets has a criminal past. A private investigator can also look into the credit histories, liens, and judgments of individual employees and discover and study federal and civil records to see if there is anything to be concerned about.

After a fraud or theft has been found, a private investigator is usually recruited to conduct an investigation. The company will hire them to conduct thorough background checks on all workers suspected of misrepresenting assets, making improper payments, leaving items off the books, or even embezzling.

In addition to conducting a fraud investigation, a private investigator will usually collaborate with the company’s leaders to devise a strategy for preventing future fraud. This could include an expert assessment of the current policies and practices. Surveillance by electronic cameras or tracking applications installed on workstation PCs could also be used.

A private investigator can help your firm get back on track by developing a fraud and/or scam prevention strategy and conducting a fraud examination.

Perhaps your organization hasn’t always taken the time to conduct complete background checks on applicants before hiring them. Maybe you believe your organization still has a chance to avoid all forms of fraud and theft. On the other hand, perhaps you’ve been unlucky, and your organization has already been victimized by fraud.

Whatever your current scenario, a fraud investigation conducted by a competent private investigator, such as those at Whitesell Investigative Services, could protect your company from future fraud or identify a specific scam. It could also help identify fraud that you aren’t even aware is taking place at your firm.

Many organizations in your field learn from others’ experiences and opt to be proactive by conducting a fraud investigation of their own company in a significant loss, scam, or theft.

Infidelity Investigations

Whitesell Investigative Services understands that infidelity causes havoc in your life and prevents you from moving on. We want to reassure you that you are not alone. You can fight back and reclaim control of your life, and we have all of the advanced tools at our disposal to help you uncover the truth once and for all.

We are not only professional private investigators, but we also conduct ourselves professionally. Every day, we interact with consumers like you and gather the evidence they require to improve their lives. Our main concerns are confidentiality and results, and our preliminary assessment is free. We understand that you may be hesitant to share your actual identity. Therefore we will chat with you anonymously until you are confident in our expertise and ready to reveal yourself to us.

Adultery is a common occurrence in life, and while it is unsettling and challenging to think it might happen to you, it is also critical that the truth be revealed. Adultery harms feelings and disrupts lives, but it may also be hazardous to one’s health. You mustn’t confront your partner or significant other if you suspect them of infidelity. This will cause them to alter their behavior, robbing them of the security you require for good health and comfort. The first step is to contact the professionals at Whitesell Investigative Services.

If you suspect your spouse of cheating, remember that you have a right to know, and studies show that 85 percent of all females who suspect their male partners of cheating are correct. However, you still need evidence to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve and the legal and moral vindication you require.

It all starts with a pervasive background study at Whitesell Investigative Services, which includes examining your spouse’s or significant other’s lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of our rivals waste your and their time by conducting superficial inspections based on their timetables. Unfortunately, this method achieves almost nothing, and you end up squandering money on shaky evidence, or worse, no proof at all!

Our investigators are dedicated to obtaining proof of precisely what your spouse is up to, which means you should be able to supply specific and detailed information to us that will put us on the best track to get the evidence in a professional and timely manner.

Simultaneously, you must be truthful about all aspects of your spouse’s personal life relevant to the examination. We understand that you are desperate to learn about your partner’s proper actions. We are committed to matching your desperation with our meticulous attention to any information that will reveal your mate’s most private activities.

Our professionals have received extensive training in the systematic ways of unfaithful partner investigations that ensure the most accurate outcomes. We make a great effort to provide the most comprehensive examination possible. You are free to utilize it in legal proceedings or confront your unfaithful spouse and get your life back on track, but we leave that decision to you.

Life is too short, and your life is too important to spend it in agony and doubt. Whitesell Investigative Services is here to help you find relief by reclaiming your safety, freedom, and joy. We provide excellent service at reasonable prices, and our quality of service is unparalleled!