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Do You Need a Child Custody Investigator?

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Your child is everything to you. So when many parents go through the process of getting a divorce, they don’t want to give up being the caretaker. In these situations, you may choose to fight for custody. That’s where a child custody investigator can help. But what exactly do they do? Do you need one for your particular case? Here are three questions to help you decide:

  1. Do you fear for your child’s safety when they’re with the other parent? – Have you felt worried and concerned about your child’s safety when they’re alone with the other parent? If so, you should call an investigator right away. Acting now can not only help your case, it can also help save your children from potential harm.
  2. Have you been falsely accused of abuse? – If you’ve been accused of abuse, it can be hard to prove your innocence on your own. However, a private investigator can help you prove that the accusation is false.
  3. Is it required by law to call for an investigator? – Your state may require that you and your spouse call for a child custody investigator to serve as an impartial party for your case.

Whitesell Investigative Services puts the safety of your child first. Our private investigation firm can assist with many types of family law cases in the Fort Mill and Rock Hill areas, as well as all of South Carolina. Call one of our licensed private investigators to begin the process today.

Whitesell Investigative Services is a professional private investigation service in Rock Hill, SC. Contact us for all types of investigations, including infidelity, divorce, child custody, background checks, or if you need a process server.

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