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5 Common Types of Domestic Investigations

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private investigator in South Carolina can use a variety of methods to help those who are struggling with serious domestic issues. At Whitesell Investigative Services, we’ll do everything in our power to gather the evidence you need to help your family. Here are five common types of domestic investigations that our private investigators work on:

  1. Background checks and personal records – Before you allow anyone in your home, you should conduct a background check on the individual. This check should look at their criminal background, employment and education history, and more. Private investigators can also conduct personal record checks, which are more thorough than that of background checks.
  2. Domestic video surveillance – With your permission, private investigators can set up cameras (sometimes referred to as “nanny cams”) and audio devices around your household. Should a crime or some type of abuse happen, these devices can capture recorded evidence of it.
  3. Finding and locating individuals – Should you need to find someone, such as an ex-spouse that’s refusing to pay child support and has fled the area, we can track them down and give you their location.
  4. Computer forensics – Should you need to recover files, emails, or other information that’s stored on a computer or other device, we can conduct a computer forensics investigation to gather all the information you need, including any deleted records.
  5. Covert operations – If you need to learn more about an individual, such as if your spouse is cheating on you, a private investigator can conduct an undercover operation to gather information about them while following the law.

If you need a private investigator in South Carolina for any domestic situation, please call Whitesell Investigative Services to see how we can help. Talk to one of our private investigators by calling (803) 327-6974.

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