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What Services Does a Private Investigator Provide in South Carolina?

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A private investigator can be very helpful in a variety of situations. Many people automatically think of hiring an investigator to find out the truth about divorceinfidelity, and child custody cases. But that’s just scratching the surface of the work they can do. Although the services they provide may vary from state to state or agency to agency, there are some general instances for when hiring an investigator may be in your best interests. Here’s just a partial list of what a private investigator can do for you.

  • Insurance claims: People aren’t always honest when they’ve been involved in an accident. Perhaps they hurt themselves on purpose or are misrepresenting the extent of their injuries. Investigators will get to the bottom of their stories to find out who was really at fault and who should be responsible for the damages.
  • Electronic surveillance and data: The old-fashioned stakeout you saw on detective shows has changed a lot. Today’s investigators use the latest technology to track people and uncover information.
  • Legal cases: Law firms will hire investigators to assist with both civil and criminal cases. They work to uncover the truth so justice can be served.

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