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When Should You Hire a Private Investigator for Child Support?

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You love your child dearly and there’s no question that you want to provide a safe, caring environment for them to live in. However, if your ex-spouse isn’t holding up their end of your child support agreement, your little one’s comfort and happiness could be at risk. Here are three ways the private investigators at Whitesell Investigative Services can help you with your child support case in South Carolina:

  1. Hidden income – If one parent is making false claims of low or no income, and stating that they need more child support money, we can find out whether or not the claim is true. We can also determine if a parent has hidden income that they should be paying to you and your child. Our thorough investigations will delve into the income and expenses of the parent, find out whether they have unreported funds, or determine if they’re using the money for reasons other than the child’s well-being.
  2. Unreported assets –  Child support agreements are often based on the assets of the parent. Does this person have vehicles, real estate, or other assets that they aren’t telling the courts about? We can find out the truth.
  3. Records search – People can get very creative when trying to avoid child support. We’ll do a detailed records search to find out if they’re using aliases, have changed names, own a business, or have filed for bankruptcy.

Please call one of our licensed private investigators to help you with your child support case if you have any suspicions. Our private investigation firm has experience and will handle your family law case with professionalism in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Columbia, and all of South Carolina.

Whitesell Investigative Services is a professional private investigation service in Rock Hill, SC. Contact us for all types of investigations, including infidelity, divorce, child custody, background checks, or if you need a process server.

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